Metro MLS and ARMLS Hire Inevate Consulting For Non-Contiguous Collaboration

Metro MLS and ARMLS have announced some outstanding, visionary progress on non-contiguous MLS collaboration and I am honored that they selected Inevate Consulting to facilitate.

It's a brave new world out there and it's going to take innovative thinking, leadership, and industry expertise to navigate the challenges successfully.  CEOs Chris Carrillo and Matt Consalvo are more than up the job and I look forward to helping them achieve success.  We are focused on progress, tangible success, and intentional, strategic decisions to keep the MLS relevant to Brokers and agents.

Metro MLS and ARMLS are exploring the benefits of non-contiguous collaboration in an effort to gain from their combined economies of scale, products, and services.  With technological advances, MLSs no longer need to border each other to collaborate and by finding and working with like-minded and progressive MLS partners, Metro MLS and ARMLS have adroitly resolved the reluctance of neighboring MLSs to merge or collaborate.

With collaboration comes the ability to benefit from common products and services at the same time as building a more comprehensive database.  If high quality, comprehensive, accurate, and timely data is at the heart of the MLS' relevance to brokers and agents, then data collaborations that take months rather than years to achieve can be the most effective path to success.

To learn more about non-contiguous collaboration, email  In addition to collaboration and consolidation, Inevate Consulting specializes in strategic planning and executive placement services.  

 - Cameron